This is a very beautiful specimen of Eryon arctiformis from the Jurassic deposits of Solnhofen. Crustaceans such as this rarely remain in articulation, making this a fine piece. Meticiously prepared this will be a representative piece in your collection.


Rare Amphibian

This is a one of a kind specimen of Sclerocephalus haeuseri from the Permian of Rhineland-Palatinate. Since there is no longer legal supply, this is extremely rare. The highly searched after Eryon fossil comes from an old German private collection.


Juvenile Fish

This is a fine example of an juvenile fish from the lithographic limestone deposits of the Solnhofen area. It is a stunning nwell-preserved Aspidorhynchus acutirostris in its original matrix from the famous German Lagerstaette.


Prehistoric bony fish

Palaeobalistum goedeli is an extinct species of prehistoric bony fish. This specimen is in a rarely seen perfect condition and shows finest details. The fossil is in original limestone matrix from the Late Cretaceous.


Fossil Frog

The eocene deposits of the Messel Pit provide the most valuable fossil specimen.This Eopelobates wagneri is a rare example of perfect preservation, showing even skin and liver of the amphibian, that lived about 50 million years ago.