Large Aquamarine

This large light-blue vertical prismatic crystal with glassy surface lustre from the world’s renowned Jequitinhonha River valley with its beryl-rich granitic pegmatites as deposits of aquamarine and other gem beryls completes any collection.


Clear Aquamarine

This beautiful rough aquamarine of purest quality is internally very clean and impresses with complex and sharply hexagonal termination, an extremely rare beryl specimen from the famous minings in Tres Barras, in the Santa Catarina region.


Exceptional rosequartz

This is one of a kind rosequartz in unusual crystal formation. The small cyrstals of rose quartz are surrounded by crystal layers from both the bottom and the top. The beautiful crystal fulfills all collectors expectations.


Tourmalated Smoky quartz

This clear smoky quartz crystal shows many black needle-like inclusions os tourmaline. Collectables like this are valued chiefly because of the iron rich form of tourmaline, trapped inside the large crystal from Southern Brazil.


Thin bladed calcite

A fabulous calcite with aestehic clusters of finest discoid crystals in purest white from Inner Mongolia, China. The fragile lamellar structure impress with the perfect layers of paper thin crytsal blades. The calcite is a centerpiece of any serious collection.



A truly museum piece is this cave mineral, the rose red manganese carbonate. This is the top part of a stalagmite of rhodochrosite, sliced to reveal the patterns in a vivid pink, centered around a chalcedony core. The cut and polished set is from Catamarca region.