Every year for about 2.5 weeks — beginning the last few days in Jan. and concluding mid-Feb. — the rock, gem, mineral and jewelry worlds cosmically align in Tucson, Arizona. Researchers, gemologists, authors, artists, miners and nearly 4,000 trade companies gather here from every continent for what is simply and collectively called The Tucson Gem Show. They bring their treasures, knowledge and expertise - as the team of Andreas Guhr successfully did.

Tucson offered about 40 gem, mineral, fossil, bead, and jewelry show locations! Our main location was again the exclusive Mineral & Fossil CO-OP at 1635 N.Oracle Rd. with museum quality fossils and amethyst in highest qualities directly from the mine.

Then, we made an excellent show at the famous Westward Look Resort in the desert foothills of north Tucson surrounded by the panoramas of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The world's leading companies showed stunning exhibits to their very demanding visitors.

One of our highlights were the 4 complete sets of sliced tourmaline, variety liddicoatite, showing intense color zoning and the triangular growth patterns in a stunning perfection.

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