How do we work

We are very passionate professionals about natural history items as fossils and minerals. For many years we have extended our expertise on interior design by working on very challenging projects in a growing and inspiring team. Our team members are scientists, experts, designers, artists and technicians with areas of overlap, what makes it even more efficient for you.
We offer a variety of a-grade minerals and fossils, even museum qualities, to experts but even to enthusiasts with a keen sense of interior design. We choose our natural history items from our unique network of minigs, quarries and fossil sites all over the world. This is due to the fact, that we want to control the qualities from the very beginning of the process. Every single step will be carefully documented, so that there is no question left. We focus on the best items to start a creative work, what is for your satisfaction.
The company is settled in the metropolis of Hamburg/Germany. This is also, where the gallery has its exclusive showroom. Then, we are steadily on international trade fairs, congresses and show sometimes up with special exhibitions. So, there are many ways for you to meet us and see what we have to offer.

What we do?


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